Irish Nephrology Nursing Research

The table below contains research studies that have been conducted by Irish Nephrology Nurses.

For further information on each study, its findings and recommendations INNA members are encouraged to contact the relevant researcher. If you have carried out any research in nephrology nursing practice and would like it included in this site please email relevant details to INNA Education Officers at following email addresses (

Title of Study Researcher Contact Details
Nurses Knowledge and Practice of Vascular Access Infection Control

(Part requirement of M.Sc. in Nursing)

Ms. Peggy Higgins
Effect of Patient Coping Preferences on Quality of Life Following Renal Transplantation

(Part requirement of MSc in Renal Nursing)

Ms. Ciara White
Nurses Experience of Caring for Patients with Chronic Renal Impairment in a Nephrology Ward Setting

(Part requirement of MSc in Nursing)

Ms. Margaret McCann
An Investigation into Stress Levels Amongst Renal Nurses

(Part requirement of MSc in Nursing)

Ms. Fiona Murphy
Sexuality in Chronically ill Patients with Renal Disease

(ongoing PhD study)

Ms. Fiona Murphy
Interventions Preventing Infectious Complications in Haemodialysis Patients with Central Venous Lines

(Cochrane Systematic Review funded by HRB Cochrane Fellowship)

Ms. Margaret McCann
The Persons Experience of End Stage Renal Disease and Haemodialysis Therapy

(PhD study)

Dr. Aoife Moran
A multicentre randomised trial comparing the effects of 2% chlorhexidine gluconate in 70% alcohol versus other forms of chlorhexidine gluconate which are in routine use, on central venous catheter related infections in haemodialysis patients

ongoing PhD study

Ms. Margaret McCann
An Ethnographic exploration into the infection control practices in Irish Dialysis units, employed to prevent the transmission of blood borne viruses

MSc in Nursing by Research

Mr. Brendan Reddy
National Survey of Routine Practice in Irish Haemodilaysis Units

The full report is available on the following link

Ms. Margaret McCann, Professor Michael Clarke, Professor George Mellotte, Dr Liam Plant, Dr Fidelma